Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users

Why Pay Per Click?
  • Google Has 92% Of The UK Market
  • 65% Of PPC Users Are Ready To Buy
  • Paid Search Accounts For 52% Of Googles Traffic
  • 46% Of Users Can’t Tell It’s a Paid Ad
  • Target Who You Want, When You Want
  • Turn Ads On And Off As You Please
  • Users Are Twice As Likely To Buy Than From Organic
  • Businesses Make On Average A 200% ROI
  • 50.3% Of Googles Searches Are On Mobile
  • 69% Of Those Mobile Users Call Straight Away
  • Optimize Budget To Spend More At The Right Time
Ad Consultancy Group For PPC

Planning & Structure

We break your business down into bitesize chunks to give the user, Google and more importantly YOU what you want.

Daily Optimization

Negative Keyword Additions Performance Benchmarking Conversion Analysis Budget Flow

We Know What Works

The use of conversion tracking allows us to understand which keywords generate the calls, enabling us to spend budget more wisely.

Expert Settings Advice

Small settings adjustments can make a huge difference to who, where and when your adverts are served up. We understand the correct settings for your business

Measured Results

Understanding what keyword, device, time of day, day of the week or even which post code generates the best return on investment.

Why Pay Per Click Doesn’t Work

Poor Understanding of Ad Match Types

Allowing unrelated but closely matches keywords & search queries to trigger your ads.


Poor Campaign Structure

Ad groups not strict enough leading to low quality score, poor ad position and a higher cost per click.


The Wrong Users At The Wrong Time

Spending money on users who have no budget, and no intention of actually buying your service/product. 


Not Tracking Conversions

It is vital to understand which keywords generate calls, to filter out low converting keywords.


Lack Of Knowledge In QS/AR

Leads to expensive clicks and lower performing adverts


Poor Ongoing Management

Negative keywords, new ad groups, bid modifiers & strategy.

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Advertising Consultancy

We can guide and advise you on all forms of advertising, online and offline.

Computer online approved ads
Pay Per Click

Successful ad campaigns that leverage the Google Ads platform.


We conduct white hat website optimisation that increases your organic search engine rankings.

Reputation Management

We promote positive, and eliminate negative material about your business online.

Social Media Advertising

Laser target your customers and sales through social media advertising

Conversion Optimisation

We show you how to turn visitors in to paying customers.

Website Design

We design and develop conversion optimised websites that are fully responsive.

Aerial Drone Filming

Specialists in aerial filming and photography.